5 Things to Avoid When Using Sunglasses While Riding Bike

All of us have been watching other people on the street, on the road, riding bikes or even boards and wearing glasses or sunglasses that are not so comfortable. You can see clearly without them; in fact, it would probably be better to stare at the wall. You can’t see well at all without them. But did you know that there are some common mistakes made by many persons when they are not wearing sunglasses while biking?

* Too many shades. If you are leaning forward to view an image from a corner or the edge of a window then you will notice that there are a large number of shades on your lens. It makes the viewing situation ugly because you cannot see very clearly. For affordable glasses or sunglasses, you can search for rayban glasses price in Pakistan.

* Long shades. People with glasses should try not to wear them for longer than five minutes. The glare reflection makes it difficult to read well. Long shades will also obscure your view of a sign or the road.

* Missing the right holes. People who wear eyeglasses can often use one of the side holes to make sure that their eyes will be fully focused on the image. Some people prefer to use two or three of the holes because they are thought to have a more focused vision, but this is another serious mistake.

* Using the wrong kind of lenses. According to, by now you would already have noticed that the lens of your glasses can be changed into other types such as Transition lenses, Progressive Lens, Photochromic Lens, etc. If you change the frame of your glasses so that they match your spectacles, you will see that the right side of the lens can be used as the other side of the frame. For 

* Using the wrong kind of lenses. It is common that people need glasses lenses to change from sunrise to sunnies. You cannot have two lenses in the same frame of your glasses. So if you need to change the kind of lens, you need to change it also on the other glasses.

* Missing the right safety strap. Most safety straps are made of leather or nylon. If you use a strap with leather or nylon, you will see that the sunglasses may fall off during the night or even on the street. To avoid this, try to be careful while carrying your sunglasses.

* Using sun-protective lenses. Most sun-protective lenses are made of plastic. The plastic will reflect the sunlight too much and will thus make you look pale.

* Using the wrong kind of lens. It is not a good idea to wear a less colored shade of shades, as the color makes the wearer appear to be the sun. You should use a light shade to make you look like the sun. If you don’t have a very light shade, then you should consider using a very dark shade of shade because you will see more of the sun.